Leadenhall Market

Biography-                                                                                                                               Studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Sunderland, graduating with a First Class Degree. Exhibited work as part of the ‘eclectic’ final year degree show in 2009. I was awarded the ‘Sunderland Echo Prize’ for my degree show work.

Shortlisted for ‘The Haworth Prize’ 2016 at the Mall Galleries, London, June 2016.

Exhibited work at ‘The Art of Regeneration’ at the Menier Gallery, London Bridge, April 2016, ‘The Londoner’s Compass’ at the Strand Gallery, Charing Cross, October 2016, ‘Focus Ldn’ Winter & Spring Exhibitions at the Menier Gallery 2017 and 2018

You can view photographs from these exhibitions here;


Artist Statement-
What drives me to create art is my passion for creating lines when putting pen to paper. I love to draw the outlines with fine liner pens first before adding smaller details into the work such as windows and lamp posts. This way of working is quick and means that you can create a rapid energy and movement within the work, which I strive to achieve in all of my paintings. This process of creating the art, combined with having ideas for future paintings, really excites me and pushes me to create new work.
The most important compositional aspects of my artwork are the lines and creating depth. The lines are to create a sense of movement and energy within the work to give it vibrancy. Adding objects such as lamps into the foreground with buildings or boats in the background helps to achieve depth, meaning that your eyes can constantly move around the work to take in the details. Applying colour with watercolour paints helps to add the nuances of depth.
I am inspired by London because there are so many interesting view points to create new work from. I am currently working on building up my London portfolio. It’s really interesting to have the contrast of history with modern buildings such as creating work that includes Big Ben with the London Eye. One of my favourite locations is the Southbank and the many lamp posts alongside the Thames. I find the details on these lamp posts fascinating such as the crowns on top and the serpents wrapped around the base. These are one of my favourite things to draw when I am creating art based on London.
Every time I visit London there is a real buzz and energy when you walk around, not only from the people, but also from the architecture. I find the rapid evolution of London really exciting. London’s skyline is always developing and changing with modern additions, including the Shard. This means there is always something different to see and the sprawling skyline fuels ideas for new work.
My favourite artist is Norman Cornish. I can remember visiting one of his exhibitions when I was younger and seeing how much I loved his work. His subjects include industrial scenes such as the mines and also busy pub scenes. A lot of his work is built up using heavy outlines and this really inspires me in my own work. I particularly admire his pen and ink sketches of Paris.
I enjoyed being interviewed recently about my work by FocusLdn. You can read the interview here;

                                                                                                                                                            You can also follow updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages:


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